Chinese in Canada

Chinese Population in Canada

There are more than 1.5 millions Chinese living and studying in Canada.
They are concentrated in 5 metropolitan areas.

The Greater Toronto Area  (40%)
Metro Vancouver (30%)
Greater Montreal (6%)
Calgary Region (6%)
The Edmonton Capital Region (4%)

They spend $60 billion in a year at a 5% Y/Y growth.

Chinese Tourists to Canada

Every year, more than half a million Chinese tourists visit Canada and they spend more generously than tourists from other countries.

Chinese is Canada’s 3rd most spoken language
after English and French.

When at home, more than 60% Chinese family speak Chinese ONLY.

They are active on social media,
especially on WeChat, a popular Chinese social media.

More than half of them have WeChat account and use it frequently to connect with others and obtain informations.

They are open to advertising,
but highly dependent on in-language communication.
64% believe that ads help them keep up-to-date with new product.
45% have a “strong affiliation” w./ brands advertising in their ethnic language.
45% feel closer to companies that advertise in their own ethnic language.

38%Think ads in their home language are more meaningful to them.

They like to share.

85% love to tell friends & family about a deal they get.

Data Source: Statistics Canada, IPG Mediabrands Research, CIBC World Market, BrandSpark Canadian Ethnic Shopper Study
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