Successful Cases

2018 Q2 Overall Performance 

Click Through

Client:         Clinique

Campaign: New Official Store Opening Weibo Promotion

Target:    Greater Vancouver Area, Female, age of 18-45

Schedule:2 Weeks

Continuous Optimization

Client:         Telus

Campaign: Weibo PR Campaign

Target:    B.C and Ontario

Schedule:1 Week


Impressions CTR CPA
321% over 21% $15

Client:         Muskoka Woods CITYCAMP

Campaign: Weibo Contest Campaign for Sales Leads

Target:       Parents of kids age 6-12 in GTA

Schedule:  1 Week

Client:       Town Shoes

Campaign: Weibo+WeChat Promotion for Warehouse Sale Event

Target:       Female in the GTA


 over achieved

Client:         Rug & Rugs

Campaign: Christmas Sale Weibo Promotion for In-store & On-line Traffic

Target:        Home owners all over Canada

Client: A designer shoe distributor

Campaign: WeChat Promotion for Warehouse Sale Event

Target:  Female in the GTA

Client:         A non-invasive blood glucose monitor providers

Campaign:  Pre-launch Weibo Campaign

Target:        Diabetes patients and their families 

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