New Placement for Social Media Ads to Drive Your Sales During the Holidays

New Placement for Social Media Ads to Drive Your Sales During the Holidays

Holidays are around the corner. The marketing communications are intensified to grab the attentions from the customers.  A good placement for your ads can greatly increase the response rate. And we bet that you don’t want to ignore over 1.5 millions Chinese living in Canada.

Recently, we, working with our clients, have been testing the effectiveness of a new placement for display ads on Weibo combined with our demographic targeting algorithms and optimizing programmatic buying to reach over 400K Chinese age of 16 -55 living and spending heavily in Canada. The results are out of our expectations. The click-through-rates are about 5 times of the average of the display ads across the internet. And the cost is 30-40% less than doing display ads on other local Chinese media. 

What makes this new placement such an effective?

  • Format & Position – The common social media ads are feed advertisements. Your ads stay in the stream of the feeds. User’s finger may slip down too fast to stay on your post. This new placement is not in the feeds stream. It’s on the page of a post which the user is interested in and click on it for more details or interactions. By taking the form of a full banner, it is displayed right between the body of post and the comments area. Users hardly can ignore it on their screens.

New Banner Placement

  • Demographic targeting – Same as the feeds advertising, our unique targeting algorithms are applied to these banner ads to assure the accuracy. It’s different from advertising with the usual websites or influencer accounts that you have to concern on the profiles of subscribers or followers. By matching to the dynamically updated database with 100+ dimensions, these banner ads are displayed only to users who are right for your products or services within your service area.


  • Optimizing programmatic buying – Finding the right persons for your products and services are important. It’s also important to bring them your ads at the right time. You don’t want your ads flashed out on their screens when they are occupied by other tasks, like a quick check-in during working hours.With the optimizing buying programs, your ads are pushed to their screens when they are available for more interactions to ensure the engagement rates.

We also tested the effectiveness of this new placement on reaching Chinese living in other countries for some of our clients. The average performance is about 2-3 times of other display ads in their countries to approach Chinese customers.

If you are aiming on more revenues from Chinese in the holidays and sales seasons, it’s time to get in touch with us.  Here are important dates that Chinese are going to enjoy shopping sprees in the next three months.

  • 11.11 Online Shopping Spree (November 11th, Chinese Cyber Monday)
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday
  • 12.12 Shopping (December 12th,  another online shopping spree following the 11.11)
  • Christmas & Boxing Day
  • Chinese New Year (February 5th, 2019)


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