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New Placement for Social Media Ads to Drive Your Sales During the Holidays

Holidays are around the corner. The marketing communications are intensified to grab the attentions from the customers.  A good placement for your ads can greatly increase the response rate. And we bet that you don’t want to ignore over 1.5 millions Chinese living in Canada. Recently, we, working with our clients, have been testing the…
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Who Can Take Advantage of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, the Year of Dog, is coming. It’s on February 16th this year. Some Canadian businesses have been planning to celebrate it with Chinese customers. However, there are many who want to but have no idea how to.  Here, by listing up the traditional activities Chinese usually do in Chinese New Year, we…
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10 Chinese Moon Festival Marketing Tips

If you just missed the business opportunity on Chinese Valentines Day,  then don’t miss that on Chinese Moon Festival. Next to Chinese New Year, it’s the second most important traditional festival to Chinese. It’s also called Mid-Autumn Festival, which used to celebrate the harvest and the family reunion.  In terms of that, it’s similar to…
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