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WeChat Changed the Presentation of Its Subscription Folder Again to Drive Up Your Advertising Cost

On September 25, WeChat released its version 6.7.3. Besides supporting the selfie stickers, WeChat again changed the way to present its subscription folder, where media and businesses push daily contents to their subscribers. Two obvious changes were made in this latest version. One is the “Frequently Visited” window on top of the main page. Based upon the user’s…
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The Imapact of WeChat Version 6.7.0 On Advertisers

If you are still advertising with media with their WeChat public accounts, here are impacts you must know with the latest WeChat updates. On June 21, WeChat launched its Version 6.7.0 for iOS. It changed the presentation of its Subscription folder, which was a list of accounts subscribed before the update. The new look is…
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From Weibo to WeChat, and to Weibo Again

About 5 years ago when the big data team in BFC was developing an integrated platform for businesses to manage their digital performance, leads generation and social CRM in China, WeChat (Weixin in China) was still in its V4.0 with a Beta version to launch its official accounts services. For many of our clients, then,…
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